US reported 2,333 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours,Trump saying the country has 'reduced the curve'

News agency AFP has reported 2,333 deaths from coronovirus in the last 24 hours, quoting Johns Hopkins Tracker. So far, the US has seen more than 71,000 COVID-19 deaths and over 1.2 million positive cases.

However, the number of new cases and deaths in the country has fallen drastically in the past one week, prompting President Donald Trump to say that the country is capable of leveling the curve.

Trump said the country is now in the next phase of the fight, which is "a very safe phased and gradual reopening".

Trump said, "Due to the intense commitment of our citizens, we have lowered the curve and saved the lives of countless Americans. Our country is now in the next phase of the fight. Our country has a very safe, phased and Slowly reopening ”Trump said. In his remarks at Honeywell International in Phoenix.
US reported 2,333 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours,Trump saying the country has 'reduced the curve'
US President Donald Trump

This epidemic, he said, underscored the critical importance of assuring America's supply chains and a powerful manufacturing manufacturing base.

"I have been talking about this for a long time. Often, you will see a plant like this in a different country doing what you are doing, and you will do it better."

"The United States declared its independence nearly 250 years ago, but in recent decades, Washington politicians allowed our freedom to be outsourced, outsourced, and cited. But we are taking it back and We're taking it back and we're seeing it. " On our job numbers, you knew we were taking it back, ”Trump said.

As his administration believes in two simple rules - buy Americans and hire Americans, he said.

"The people of our country are warriors. With your help, we will destroy the virus and build a future of greatness and pride with American hearts, American hands, American pride and American souls," he said.

Referring to his visit to the Honeywell factory that manufactures the facade, Trump said they are producing high-quality N95 respirators.

He said, "There is no bad mask like some very bad masks have been sent from other places in different countries. There is nothing like that in Honeywell. We have respirators to protect our heroic doctors and nurses as they fight the unseen enemy." Huh."

"More than 150 Honeywell employees are working around the clock, three shifts a day, six days a week. Think what you have done. You are part of this incredible industrial mobility, the largest since World War II Is. An invisible enemy, but it is a vicious enemy, the smart enemy, "he said.

The President said, "Like generations of patriots before you, the workers of this factory are pouring their heart and soul and blood to protect their country and keep their people healthy and safe."

Earlier, while participating in a roundtable discussion with Native Americans, Trump described coronavirus as a tough opponent. "But we are winning and are starting to see our country coming back," he said.

"It has been very exciting for a few days. We are beginning to see that we are improving the lives of all American families and tribes," Trump said.

But the mission is not yet complete.

"The mission was completed when it was over. When it was over, the mission was completed," the president said.

He said that the United States is now helping various countries, including providing them with necessary medical supplies such as ventilators.

"We have more ventilators than anyone in the world and we are helping France, as you know. We are helping France, Italy, Spain, Nigeria. We give 250 for Nigeria I think We have. We have many countries that we are helping. " " he said.
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