The threat of Corona returning from the lockdown loosened, the expert warned if the investigation should not accelerate ...

Rome / Beijing, agencies. Many countries have now started making concessions in the Corona lockdown. These include countries with large populations of the world like India and China. Millions of people went out on the streets in countries with large populations as soon as reliefs were found in the lockdown. However, in the meanwhile, in many countries including India, the highest number of infections were reported on a single day on Sunday ... Not only this, some local cases have also been reported in China. According to experts, this is a matter of concern. A top Chinese health official also warned that there was a danger of Corona returning to the country.

Anxiety cases in China

In the last two weeks in China, there have been new cases of local spread in 10 province-level areas. China's National Health Commission reported that three new cases of corona virus were reported on Sunday. These three patients reached China from abroad. Apart from this, 13 such cases have also been reported in which there were no symptoms. According to NHC, till Sunday, 962 cases have been kept under surveillance in which no signs of the disease were shown. Of these, 98 cases have come from abroad. At the same time, 2,500 new cases of infection were reported on Sunday in the more populous country India.
The threat of Corona returning from the lockdown loosened, the expert warned if the investigation should not accelerate ...
Corona Returning from the lockdown

If the investigation is not fast then ...

For the first time in Russia, new cases have crossed 10,000. The death toll from Corona in Britain is approaching the number of dead in Italy. Every day tens of thousands of new cases are coming up in America and the number of deaths is still above thousand. In such a situation, health experts have warned that a second round of infection may come if the investigation does not show speed amid the relief in lockdown. At a time when the global economy has reached the level of recession of 1930s due to the lockdown and efforts are being made to revive it, the second round will be very dangerous for the economy.

Big threat for big country like India

Reports show that in India on Monday, May 4, a large number of people appeared in long lines on the streets and liquor shops. In many states of the country, a large number of workers are struggling to return home. According to Chinese media, about 1.7 million people appeared in Beijing's parks in the first two days of the holiday. Not only this, more than one million people visited Shanghai's main tourist centers. In such a situation, extreme behavior of people in these big countries can lead to the Corona crisis again.

This behavior of people is increasing difficulties

In Italy, 174 more people died of infection in a single day on the eve of sanctions from sanctions. According to the report of the news agency AP, there was a huge crowd of people on the beaches of Southern California. There were also dangerous signs from Afghanistan's capital Kabul where one third of 500 people investigated without prior notice were found infected. State parks were opened in New Jersey, USA, after which 50 percent of the parking lot was filled on sight. As a result the administration had to send people back.

America and Britain in dilemma

The White House's Corona Virus Coordinator Deborah Birks said that demonstrations demanding hundreds of people in the US to withdraw the sanctions and fully activate the economy have created worrisome situations. In Britain, there is increasing pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to explain how he will remove the bandh in the country. While hundreds of people are still dying from Coron daily in the country even in the midst of sanctions. In such a situation, the big question is how the UK will implement the relaxation of the restrictions.
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