People recovering from corona expect shield immunity, can play a big role Covid-19

Washington, PTI A shield immunity against the virus is produced in those who have been cured of the infection of the Covid-19 virus. This shield immunity protects the person from being caught by the virus again.

Now scientists see a ray of hope in people with this shield immunity. He believes that at a time when most countries of the world are slowly taking steps towards ending the lockdown, then people with such shield immunity can become a big support.
People recovering from corona expect shield immunity, can play a big role

Researchers from the American Institute of Health in the United States were also involved in studying the Shield immunity and giving this conclusion.
Researchers said that people who have recovered from this virus can be asked to work in places where people have more exposure. Health care is also included in these. Their shield immunity will protect them from being re-infected and will make it possible to slow the spread of infection.

In the research published in the science journal Nature Medicine, scientists claim that this strategy can be helpful in slowing the spread of the virus even when it starts functioning in the current era.

However, the biggest trick in this strategy right now is that scientists do not know how long the shield immunity remains effective against the Covid-19 virus. Although data is available about some of these earlier viruses. Antibodies against SARS virus are able to protect a person from infection for about two years, while in the case of mars, the shield immunity remains effective for three years.
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