America's warning, China will have to pay the price to challenge the world economy

America's warning, China will have to pay the price to challenge the world economy

Washington, Pret; Blaming China for the Corona virus epidemic, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that it poses a major challenge to the global economy as well as the US economy. He said that he is not sharing the information that China has and that the ruling Communist Party will have to pay for it. Pompeo also said that the US is trying to get a sample of the real corona virus from China, as many questions about the infection still remain unanswered.

Worldwide pressure including China on America

The pressure from China and countries around the world is increasing on China for lack of transparency in dealing with the corona virus epidemic. President Donald Trump has said that his administration is looking into reports that the corona virus originated from Wuhan's virology laboratory.

America's warning

America focuses on controlling the virus

Pompeo told Fox News in an interview, I am convinced that whatever the Chinese Communist Party has done here, it will certainly pay a price for it. However, I do not know what form it will take. However, he clarified that the US is not focused on China at this time. The entire focus of the US administration is to control the virus and bring the American economy back on track.

Reversing the economy is also a priority

Pompeo said that we are working to ensure that we protect Americans, reduce health risks, keep people healthy, and bring this economy back on track. He said, but I am very confident. I talk to business people from all over the country. I talk to ordinary citizens — people who have risked their lives in the past weeks. They know that it is the result of this virus, which originated in China.
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