How many kilometers does the airplane runs in 1 liter fuel

Seeing the plane is a different adventure. Many times the person sitting in the plane also finds this adventure by reaching it.
Some people might also think about how many miles of airplanes it would offer in one liter. If this question is still in your mind, then the answer is this. You will surely be surprised to know how much fuel used by heavy airplanes for one kilometer.

                              How many kilometers does the airplane runs in 1 liter fuel

How many kilometers does the airplane runs in 1 liter fuel

According to a media report, airplanes cost about 4 liters of fuel per second. If you talk about the Boeing 747, then it costs 240 liters of fuel during this 1 minute journey. you have already heard about motorcycles or car mileage. In this, you can travel 30 to 80 kms in 1 liter.

According to a report, how much the aircraft like Boeing 747 runs in 1 liter, the answer is 0.8 kilometers which sounds too little to hear. This aircraft spends 172,800 liters of fuel during a 12-hour journey.

At the same time, the figures of a Boeing web site show that the Boeing 747 plane contains 1 gallon fuel (approximately 4 liters) per second.

During a 10-hour flight in this aircraft, it can use 36,000 gallons (150,000 liters) of fuel. The Boeing 747 plane burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 liters per kilometer).

This is less than your car. A car spends 4 liters of fuel in about 100 kilometers. If 4 people are traveling in the car then the car is better but if one person is traveling in the car then the Boeing 747 is better than the car.

Then it also adds the benefits of speed. Now you can easily understand from this comparison that cars are more beneficial or airplanes.
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