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Google search bar trick
You can also use Google Search Bar tricks in your computer or your smartphone. Today if you are a smart user, then many of these tricks will be aware of tricks but there will be some tricks which you probably do not know. So now let us know about Google search bar tricks 

1. Dictionary
Many times we have to know about the meaning of a word about its definition, in which you have to use Dictionary but you can do this directly in Google's search bar. To do this, whatever English word Want to know about it in the search bar of Google and you have to search and you will see that the meaning of that word can be seen in the definition and also its related information.
2. Movies
We like to watch movies for entertainment. Many times we do not know which movies have taken place in our theaters, so you can easily find out if you are using your Google Search bar. Google is doing it and if the location of the smartphone is on-the-go, then you just have to search by typing movies in the search bar and you will see that the search result is the people of the cinema you have around you. You can also see which movie is located and if you do search in Laptop or Computer, then after the movie you have to write the name of the city you are in.
3. Travel
It is very much like to travel a lot of people, maybe you will also like to go to many new places. While traveling, we should know about the flight or train time table. If you have any flight or train of time, If you want to know about it, then you can search by typing the name of that flight or train number on Google's search bar and you will see that its time table can get information about it. This Google search bar tricks can be very useful to you.
4. Timer, Stopwatch
We do a lot of work when we need Timer or Stopwatch. You can also do all of these in the bar of your Google search engine. If you want to set the time then just by typing the time in the search bar. You have to search and you will get the time and stopwatch option, with help of which you can easily use them if you search by typing Stopwatch, the Stopwatch will open in front of you and you can use it again. Can
5. flip a coin
Many such games or times require us to head and if you do not have any coins, then you can use Google search bar tricks. You have to search by typing flip a coin in Google's search bar and you You will see that the coin floating on the screen will start, in this way, you can tail the head without even coining and can advance your game.
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