Play this movie without copy of your computer without copy on mobile!

Often it has been seen that the main reason for people buying a new smartphone is that they can not file new file storage in their current smartphone because they already have a lot of files started already. In such a situation, they need the new phone. Which has maximum storage so that he can save as many photos and videos as possible. But this is not a good option. Because after some time you will reload the phone's storage and you will think about buying a new phone again. But we tell you a method through which you can use the maximum amount of storage in your current smart phone. You will never have any shortage of stories.

If you have a laptop then you can keep your data in the laptop. But now you will find how I would use them all in mobile because for that you have to open your laptop or computer again and again. For this, we tell you about an app, through this app called Gmote, you can access your personal computer and laptop within your mobile. This means that your file will be from your PC but you will be able to view it on your mobile. For this, it uses a WiFi. Now you have no movie or big video, do not save it in the mobile, save it in the laptop and watch it on the mobile through the Gmote app.

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