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In today's time, technology is increasing day by day and the use of computers and mobile is increasing day by day and most of the internet is used in them. There are so many things that many It took days and now that work can be done very quickly through Internet

More jobs than CS students
You get the picture: The programming skills can bring you more financial security along with flexibility in your financial day. But how do you achieve these skills without sitting for four years of CS classes? And most importantly, how do you borrow one of these demands and excessive paying careers?

Here's the good news: it's completely possible! And I have partnered with Flatiron School's Learn-Sevette team to bring this 11-step guide on how to become a software engineer without a CS degree. Then read!

11 steps to become a software engineer * without a CS degree
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Step # 1: Be clear about your ultimate goal (and notify it)
Before starting, understand that the following steps are specific to those looking for a full-time job (I am shortened as FTJ), who are in the form of software engineers. They are not for the person who is:

Doubling with the first time code
If coding is right for them, make sure
Desire to pursue a field related to web design, UX, UI, or any other design
Want full time freelance
Expect to start your own business
Transitioning into a new career is not easy. But when you have a final destination in your mind, it helps a lot when you hit the road. A crystal-clear goal looks like this:

"I want to work as a software developer in an established technology company."
"I want to work in a brand new startup, as an industry engineer, I worship in the industry."
"I want to make things on a team, and I want to pay for it well."
No matter the specification of your dream, if you want to make it through all 11 steps, you should be committed to the ultimate goal of becoming a full time software engineer.

Step # 2: Choose a language to learn
While starting, many people decide which language (and structure) they should learn. Ruby on Rails? Python and Django? Stack means? So many options, so little time

Here's the point: Once you know a particular language / well pile, then transitioning to a new one is not difficult. This means that when you are becoming a software engineer, you want to understand programming fundamental principles. In a nutshell, learn how to learn.

Once you have a solid foundation, you can easily transition to new languages, structures and technologies. "The most important aspect of this is that you are learning how to think like a developer," says co-founder of Flatiron School, Avi Flombam.

Learn the basics
All this said, you should pay attention to a language / structure to get started.

With so many languages ​​in it, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. I advise taking some time to learn about different languages. To choose a programming language, this guide is a great place to start.

For many people, Ruby is a great way to go.

Ruby is readable and efficient, making it easier to achieve ease than some other languages. This is also open source, so you will have access to a lot of tools and community of other developers, all for free And perhaps the most important thing is that it is flexible: Language is used by many companies (Airbank, Guitbah, Hulu, Kickstarter etc.) and later gives you solid foundation for building branches in other languages.

For many people, Ruby is a great first programming language to learn.
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Sara Littercher, a former learning student, says, "As I was learning myself and making these decisions, I had read a lot about Ruby and it was friendly, it was easy to take as a first language, And there was a great community around it, so learning Ruby seemed like a great choice. "

Step # 3: Practice ... and do some more
While the stack you learn, it does not make any difference, anyway it is learning by learning the case. This means dedicating some real time to fulfill your new craft. To learn, you have to distinguish a significant amount every day, every week, every week.

You can not become a software developer after 10 hours of practice. This is not just possible.

Become a Software Devel

What is a software engineer
First of all, it is very important to know what is the software engineer what is the purpose of software engineer. Whenever there is no support for any laptop, then software is prohibited by the engineer and if there is any problem later So he just fixes the software engineer. Whatever new app is made for smart phones or laptops, the software engineer has all the information about it. This is also called software developer.

How to become a Software Engineer
In order to become an engineer in any field, you have to study related to him, he has to do a related course and you have to practice in relation to that only then you can become an engineer in that area. Similarly if you want to become a software engineer You have to do studies related to the software and you have to do a lot of practice, so below you have been told in some points That's what you have to do.

1. Do a Bachelor Degree in Computer
To become a software engineering you come across many different types of courses as soon as the computer bachelor's course, as well as computer science engineering, BCA, Bachelor of Information Technology Etc. If you have done all the courses then you can become a good software engineer and earn good money in the future and you can also take your own sof Software can make.

2. Learn Computer Programming Language
To become a software engineer, you must first be familiar with the languages ​​of computer such as C language, C ++, Java, Python, C-word etc. why you can not make any software without any computer language if you have computer science Doing courses like Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, BCA, Bachelor of Information Technology, you can teach about all these languages. Gets.

Therefore you should have knowledge of all these languages ​​because if you do not have the knowledge of computer language then you can not use that software, along with it you also need to be knowledgeable about other things of computer and you You should have complete knowledge about whatever app you are creating after that you develop the app. Because if you do not have complete information about that app, then you will not be able to tell other people about using it so that people will have a lot of trouble using it.

Learn C Language
Learn C ++ languages
Learned Java language
C Learn Sharp Language
Learn Python, Ruby or Perl
Learn Ocaml, Haskell, Scala
Learn smalltalk
Learn sqe
Learn Prolog

3. Apply for internships
When you complete the course of computer science degree and after completing the course, as soon as you try to make the software slowly, then you should go for the internship because it will give you information regarding computer coding skills and language You will know more about how a software is created and by doing so gradually your software development is one Spiriyns will grow and that you can gradually become a good software engineer.

4. Do master degrees in computer applications
If you want to earn good money with becoming a professional software engineer, then you can get master's degree in computer. For this, you can get these computer science (MCS), Master in Computer Application (MCA) etc. After doing these courses, you can also get a job in a good company. After doing these courses, you can also get jobs in a good company. Microsoft is the world's largest software company, with about 34% of Indian engineers working.

After this, many engineers from India, Intel, IBM, NASA, Google, these companies work if you go to a good engineer. So then today, software engineers and software companies are earning millions of rupees.
According to the information, most of the software engineers do not work in any company or government department and do their own business. Initially, they also work in the company or government department, but after some time they do their own business by becoming free of jobs.

Software Engineering Salary
Software engineers are considered to be the best jobs of today and their salaries are quite good. Any software engineer who has less than 10 years of work experience, is earning around Rs 5 lakh annually or more, and it depends on the number of companies to pay so much salaries to his software engineer. So if we talk about a Fresh Software Engineer, then it will depend on the company how much salary it will get. And if you are an experienced software engineer, then your salary will be 30 to 40 thousand 1 month.
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